Environmental Benefits

The construction industry has a greater negative impact on the earth and its environment than any business industry in the world.

The goal of Go Green is to reduce your projects impact on the environment through the implementation and use of environmentally conscientious building techniques, materials, and design.

Some of the ways we can reduce the environmental impact of your project are:

1. Energy Efficiency:

  • Increase the efficiency of the buildings envelope through insulation, energy efficient windows, and/ or passive design
  • Onsite creation of energy or heat through use of solar energy or geothermal heating/ cooling

2.Water Efficiency:

  • Reduce Water Consumption by use of more efficient plumbing fixtures and gray water systems
  • Increase water quality by implementing point of use heating and purifying systems to improve water quality and reduce energy consumption

3.Material Efficiency:

  • Use of materials that are rapidly renewable or available in recycled form such as bamboo for flooring or studs made of recycled metal
  • Purchasing products manufactured locally to reduce shipping costs and/ or using reclaimed construction materials

4.Waste Reduction:

  • Through proper site management and use of company owned dump trucks, we sort waste materials and recycle at properly equipped transfer stations
  • We collect rain water on site in barrels and use to mix mortar, cement, plasters and grout