Overview Services

From conceptual design to the coordination and implementation of skilled tradesmen on the job, All Dimension has the resources necessary to handle any size project. We guide each client through every phase of the project to provide the highest quality finished product.

The ultimate success in any construction project is the ability of the contractor to understand the clients vision and bring it to life. Our highly trained team along with a vast wealth of resources and contacts allows us to provide our clients with timely, high quality construction solutions

Construction Management

All Dimension has compromised a team of highly skilled project managers who work hand and hand with owners, architects, engineers and designers to set project goals and implement a strategy to most efficiently achieve these goals. The primary objective of our project managers is to assure the client's expectations are met in the most time efficient and cost effective manner possible. Our involvement varies from project to project and we are here to assist you in whatever capacity required.


All Dimension understands that the top concern of our client's is project cost and as such we offer a wide variety of financial solutions. Mr. Miceli's experience in banking gives us a competitive advantage over a typical contractor as we are able to offer assistance to our clients in finding the best financing options available. We have long term relationships with a number of leading national and international lenders which provides various options to best finance your project.

Design / Architecture / Engineering

Over the last decade, we have worked with over 100 architects, engineers, and designers. Every project varies in terms of size and complexity, and many times architectural plans are required to perform the work desired by our clients. It is our goal to make these plans come to life, and we work closely with these skilled professionals to ensure that the client's objectives are met. During our initial consultation we will set plan objectives and determine whether an architect, engineer or designer is required to meet them. From our vast network of contacts we can pair you with the appropriate professional who best suits your project goals.